Cloud Management System

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Cloud Management System

Here at Microform, we offer a totally bespoke cloud-based storage service for all companies requiring their documents and records converted into digital formats.

From the smallest companies to the very largest, we have negotiated and implemented cloud based storage and document management software to businesses across the UK.

Including international corporations, healthcare organisations, academic and financial institutions, alongside everyday businesses, we have worked to ensure that they have the best possible digital storage facilities available.

Benefits of cloud based storage

There are many benefits to be had from cloud-based storage and we advise any and all companies to consider our bespoke cloud retrieval system.

Not only does it offer a streamlined and easily navigable system, but once online, an unlimited amount of users are able to view and download all and any of the documents within the digital archive, which can also be regulated, depending on the user.

Quite possibly the largest benefit of a cloud based storage system is the advanced security that it offers.

Whereas physical microfilms, films, paper documents, books and diaries are open to dangers such as flooding, fire, and general wear and tear, digital documents are forever protected throughout the secure ISO27001 and are available in as many locations as required.

For organisations that require members of the public or clients to access files and documents, this provides the unique opportunity for them to access, read, copy or print off what they need almost instantaneously.

You can also set the system so that it can only be accessed by a specific IP location – meaning that documents and files are only available to people and machines within a given area.

How it works

As every single company and organisation that we work with is both different and unique, we work hard to ensure that they are provided with a bespoke document management software and cloud storage system that works for them.

Our developers have worked with businesses throughout a range of industries and they know how to ensure that our cloud based storage systems and document management software works in a way that suits every demand and element required by a client.

Once scanned documents are approved by the client, we are then able to transfer the digital files across, and they will be accessible from the instant that they are received.

Why choose Microform?

Microform has been in business for over 50 years, working with some of the largest and most respected businesses, institutions and organisations in the country.

Although digital technology has not been around for as long as we have, we are well versed in the latest and most current technologies concerning document scanning and digital storage.

Having worked with such a large array of businesses from all over the UK, we are used to adhering to a wide range of needs and demands, and are more than happy to accommodate every single one.

What’s more, we feel that we offer unparalleled security in regards to all documents within our care. We make sure that they are secure, safe and free from any contaminations or danger throughout every stage of the scanning process – from pick-up to delivery.

If you’d like to know more about our cloud-based storage, or any of our other services, call us on 01924 825 700, or alternatively email us at

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