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Celebrating World Digital Preservation Day!


Digital preservation is kind of a big deal here at Microform, in fact, it’s a huge part of our business. So when the opportunity came to talk about World Digital Preservation Day, we simply couldn’t resist! 

What’s the Theme This Year? 

World Digital Preservation Day (WDPD) is held on the first Thursday of every November, meaning this year it’ll be celebrated on Thursday 2nd November 2023. 

‘With the theme ‘Digital Preservation: A Concerted Effort’, World Digital Preservation Day 2023 is a great opportunity to connect the digital preservation community and celebrate the positive impact digital preservation has had in another year where digital information and infrastructure have been so instrumental in supporting all parts of our global society.’ - Digital Preservation Coalition 

The Importance of Public Awareness 

While experts such as Microform are working hard behind the scenes, public awareness and participation are equally vital. Individuals, businesses, and governments must recognise the value of preserving their digital legacy. This awareness can drive the development of policies that support digital preservation initiatives, ensuring the allocation of resources and expertise to safeguard shared digital heritage. 

Educational programs, workshops, and awareness campaigns on World Digital Preservation Day serve to enlighten people about the importance of preserving digital materials. Understanding the risks and challenges empowers individuals and organisations to take proactive measures in safeguarding their digital assets. 

How Microform Approaches Digital Preservation 

Here at Microform, we support you with the preservation of important content by publishing it online to be enjoyed. With a focus on accessibility and discoverability, materials of interest can be shared for years to come without posing a risk to the original copies. 

Our goal, like yours, is to provide your audience with continued access to collections that will forever tell a story. If you’d like to find out more about our digital preservation services, get in touch with the team today. 

Digital Preservation vs. Digitisation: Unraveling the Difference

It’s essential to clarify the distinction between digital preservation and digitisation. Digital preservation involves safeguarding digital content over time, ensuring its accessibility and usability for the future.

On the other hand, digitisation is the process of creating digital content from non-digital mediums, like paper or analogue sound recordings. While both are related, digitisation is just the beginning. Creating new digital content requires thoughtful planning for its long-term preservation. Many digitisation efforts have faltered due to a lack of forward-thinking and sustainability planning. 

Picture digital preservation as the vigilant guardian, ensuring the perpetual existence of our digital content. Digitisation, akin to a skilled artisan, transforms tangible artifacts into digital marvels.  

How Microform Approaches Digital Preservation

At Microform, we embrace the challenge of preserving important content for generations to come. By ensuring accessibility and discoverability, we enable cherished materials to be shared online without compromising their integrity. Our commitment aligns with your goal – providing perpetual access to collections that narrate timeless stories. If you’re curious about our digital preservation services, reach out to our team today. 


As we celebrate World Digital Preservation Day, let's acknowledge the shared effort it takes to safeguard our digital heritage. Through awareness, collaboration, and innovative approaches, we can ensure that the digital footprints we leave behind today continue to inspire and educate tomorrow's generations.

Join us in spreading awareness about digital preservation! Share this post and let others know the importance of preserving our digital legacy. Together, we can make a difference.