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Microform Unveils Partnership with AM Quartex


Microform is partnered with AM Quartex, allowing us work with their software to allow you to showcase your archives in an easy to use and intuitive platform. Harness cutting-edge Quartex technology to improve the discovery, accessibility and engagement with your digitised materials.

Partnership unveiled

Microform proudly unveil its partnership with AM, marking a significant enhancement to its digitisation service offering, all which will now be powered by the innovative Quartex system.

Microform specialises in digitisation services within the GLAM sector, catering to businesses across the UK, enabling them to effortlessly present their archives on a global scale. By joining forces with AM, Microform's clientele gains access to a versatile software solution, empowering them to construct captivating collection sites and efficiently manage digital exhibitions.

Quartex collaboration

At the heart of this partnership lies AM Quartex, a digital asset management (DAM) system that enables libraries, museums and archives to share and celebrate their archival treasures in intuitive and visually engaging ways.

Neil Bowker, speaking on behalf of Microform, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "Partnering with AM is a significant milestone for Microform as it allows us to offer top-tier software to support the digitisation services we offer our customers."

Neil Bowker continued, "Their system is incredibly user-friendly, intuitive, and offers exceptional detail, allowing collections to present archives' in the most thoughtful and sensitive manner possible."

He concluded, "This marks a momentous leap forward for Microform, and I am eagerly looking forward to a closer collaboration with AM."

Martin Drewe, Head of Customer Experience for Quartex at AM, said, “We are delighted to launch our partnership with Microform and begin this collaboration to support heritage organisations with each step of their digitisation, preservation and digital presentation journey. Together, we’re excited to be shaping the future of digital archives, making them engaging, interactive, accessible, and above all, ensuring their preservation for generations to come.”