Benefits of Scanning

Reduced storage space

Re-use office space for staff to focus on more profitable, core business activities. Fitting in additional workstations and people, avoiding costly office moves due to lack of space.

Disaster recovery

Digital documents can be regularly backed up, providing continuity for your business. For businesses that like to rely on their own backup methods, a scanned document is still a better option than a paper document. If a scanned document is saved on a computer, and the files are backed up on CDs, DVDs, or a memory stick, then even if the computer suffers a fatal crash this will not be catastrophic. For any business the permanent loss of documents can prove to be traumatic, and have a significant impact financially. The chances of this happening are far greater with paper documents than they are with documents that have been scanned and backed up.

Instant access to documents

Over the course of a year, the amount of time saved on document searches will be considerable, and aid a company’s efficiency. Searching in vain to find a paper document will be consigned to history, and you will now be able to find related documents from years or even decades ago with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Optical Character Recognition

Documents that have Optical Character Recognition (OCR) applied to them can be found quickly and easily using a simple keyword search. An often frustrating aspect of working in an office is being buried underneath a pile of paperwork.

As a result there’s a greater likelihood of an important document being mislaid, or taking ages to find. When a file is stored on a computer these problems should no longer be an issue

Environmental impact

Scanned documents save time and money, can be stored more securely, are easier to find and are good for the environment. All in all, replacing paper documents and Microfilm with scanned versions makes good business sense.

In an increasingly environmentally friendly age scanning your documents helps a business move towards having a paperless office. For offices that have always relied on a great deal of paperwork, the change to a paperless office can be very dramatic, but also very helpful in terms of the overall running of a business.

Less paper is produced, proving friendlier to the environment and also helping to reduce business costs for photocopying and stationary. Physical transport of documents can also be cut, helping your carbon footprint.

Why Choose Microform Imaging?

Microform Imaging Ltd has been established for over 60 years’ and has digitised and microfilmed 100s of millions of pages of documents, microfilms, newspapers and bound volumes dating back to the 16th century.

We have a dedicated team, which specialises in the handling new, old, delicate and fragile material. The team has 100s of years of combined experience.

Within the 60 years, Microform Imaging Ltd has completed many projects where delicate attention is needed. These have been both onsite and off-site including prestigious locations such as Windsor Castle in the Queen’s private archive and the Museum and Library of Freemasonry.

Work area
Microform Imaging Ltd has a large, single-level, temperature-controlled studio area of over 10,000 feet part-split for two disciplines. The first contains dedicated shelving and storage with space for preparation on large benches and the latter containing the equipment and workspace used in the digitisation conversion process.

The company is insured for Employers Liability Insurance of £10 million, Public/Product liability Insurance of £2 million and Professional Indemnity Liability of £1 million, which can be amended on request should it be required.

Industry Standards and Accreditations
We adhere to the following British Standards and accreditations to ensure all our processes are in line with best practice in our industry:

Accreditation Standard
BS ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System
BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
BS EN ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System
BS 10008:2008 Evidential weight and legal admissibility of electronic information*
BS 6313:2003 Micrographics. 35 mm microfilming of serials.
BS 1153:1992 Recommendations for processing and storage of silver-gelatine-type microfilm
S ISO 4087:2005 Micrographics. Microfilming of newspapers for archival purposes on 35 mm microfilm

*This includes data processing and consequently relates to the authenticity and integrity of data, helping organisations to comply with the law and legal procedures.

Security & Confidentiality

Since the inception of Microform from the ’60s, one of the primary reasons we are at the forefront of this industry is that we consider our level of expertise and customer care as our most important attribute. We provide our clients with absolute peace of mind that they trust us fully with their confidential paperwork.

About 80% of the documents we scan are considered as confidential. Some of the documents are commercially sensitive whilst others contain personal information such as individuals’ address, date of birth as well as employment and salary details. In all cases, the information has been entrusted to us and we guarantee this information will remain confidential.

From the moment the documents are collected using our own personnel in Microform marked vans, your documents are stored securely in our onsite storage facility. Microform Imaging staff that handle any client information are contractually obliged to sign confidentiality agreements to ensure that our process remains as stringent and tightly controlled as possible.

Staff members working in our production department are long-standing members of our team with a wealth of experience in this industry as well as obvious loyal and trustworthy. Once your documents are scanned, we return your electronic files on disc, USB stick or hard drive personally to your offices (preferably by hand by Microform Imaging) and we obtain signatures as proof of delivery.

Once the electronic files have been approved, we can then arrange for your documents to be returned or arrange for them to be securely destroyed. Here are just some of the policies we employ to ensure client confidentiality and customer satisfaction.

  • We personally collect and deliver the majority of consignments using our own van & driver.
  • Our premises are fully secure and alarmed and as we are located in a rural village, the majority of our staff reside moments away from our building.
  • Comply with all the current legislations including the data protection act 1998.
  • BS ISO/IEC 27001:2013 accredited
  • Confidentiality and client satisfaction are of great importance to us. We are happy to work to additional non-disclosure agreements at your request.
  • Our vehicles have Apax vehicle monitoring systems installed allowing customers if required, access to an online portal to monitor documents live whilst in transit.

Disaster recovery

Our ISO 27001 certificate is a simple and credible way of demonstrating to clients and stakeholders that an organisation has implemented best-practice information security processes and can be trusted. We take disaster recovery very seriously and as part of our accreditation have the very best technology installed.  We undergo regular disaster recovery and business continuity risk assessments with resolutions as part of the ISO27001 accreditation.

Achieving the highest standard

The quality of the service we offer at Microform Imaging is well known. We have invested heavily in the latest technology from IBML, Next Scan, Bookeye and continue to invest where necessary to ensure we give a cutting edge service. This allows us to turn around thousands of pages of information a day with the depth and clarity of quality our clients have come to expect.

As we are also ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001 accredited you can be assured that we have a quality management system in operation that ensures traceability of all works carried out within the business and security of your documents is paramount to the service we. With these systems in place we can assure you that your project is in the safest hands.