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360º Imaging

360° Imaging is a new exciting venture for Microform Imaging Ltd. The requirement was born from scanning archives that contained items that were not paper based. For example, items such as trophies, models and medals would simply be returned without being processed. With the advent of our 360° Imaging camera, we are now able to offer our clients a holistic service including scanning their non-paperbased items.

In an era belonging to online purchases and digital imagery, our 360° Imaging camera allows users to clearly and properly assess as well as scrutinise the physical item on-screen even though it is not in your physical possession.

Its uses are many, from specialist auctioning houses where rare pieces are showcased through to niche jewellery boutiques wanting to show potential clients every nuance and detail of classic timepieces. This zoom-able, 360° image is a great advantage across a wide variety of spectrums.

“I’ve Been Baking!” baking tin.

Beer Lao Cap. A fine second life for recycled beer cans.

An antique plate

A fine leather baseball glove.

Life size replica of the Hand of Doom, from the film Hellboy

Scale replica arrow

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