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Digitisation for Insurance Companies

Ideal for:

  • Efficient Document Management

  • Swift Claims Processing

  • Enhanced Customer Service

In the insurance industry, achieving efficiency, accuracy, and exceptional customer service is pivotal for success. Traditional paper-based management of policy documents, claims records, and customer information can result in operational inefficiencies and delays. At Microform, we provide a unique solution designed to elevate claims processing and enhance customer service within the insurance sector. Our document digitisation services are custom-tailored to deliver seamless operations and elevate the overall customer experience.

Digitise for Seamless Customer Service

In the insurance sector, digitising documents can revolutionise customer account management and enhance overall service.

By transitioning to digital records of policies, claims, and correspondence, insurance companies can streamline operations and reduce administrative burdens. Digital documents enable instant access and updates, eliminating the need for cumbersome paperwork and ensuring information is always current.

Integrating these digital documents into customer relationship management (CRM) systems allows insurers to provide seamless account control, empowering customers to access policy details, submit claims, and manage preferences online.

This digitisation not only simplifies administrative tasks but also enhances the customer experience by offering quick and convenient access to account information and support, encouraging greater loyalty and satisfaction among policyholders.


Professional Digitisation Services You Can Trust

Insurance companies can rely on Microform for digitising policies and claims, enhancing data security and operational efficiency.

Microform’s digitisation solutions help insurance firms streamline their document management, ensuring quick access and improved customer service.

Here at Microform, we’re proud of what we help businesses like yours achieve, that’s why we like to shout about it in our digital magazine. You’ll find industry tips and news as well as case studies featuring real businesses we’ve helped make the transition to digital. If you’d like to learn more about how Microform can help your insurance company, get in touch with the team today.

/ Benefits of Insurance Sector Digitisation

Efficient Document Management

Gone are the challenges of sifting through stacks of paper documents. Our digitisation and document scanning services ensure that policy documents, claims records, and customer information are readily accessible, searchable, and securely stored in digital format. This streamlined approach allows your insurance team to focus on what truly matters - efficient claims processing and exceptional customer support.

Swift Claims Processing

In the world of insurance, time is of the essence. With digital claims records, your team can process claims faster and more accurately. Access to digital data means fewer errors and quicker decision-making, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is a differentiator in the insurance industry. With digitised customer information at your fingertips, your team can provide personalised support promptly. Whether it's addressing inquiries, resolving issues, or expediting claims, the digitisation of customer information empowers your team to deliver the highest level of service.

/ Why choose Us?

It’s a family affair

We’re proud to fly the flag for family-run businesses, and although our team has grown significantly over the last 60 years, we still bring a personal touch to everything we do.

Complete protection

To ensure your materials are safe in our care, we implement strict security measures and undergo regular disaster recovery assessments.

Specialist heritage facilities

The storage, preparation and digitisation of your heritage materials is carried out in our purpose-built single-level, temperature-controlled studio area measuring over 10,000 feet.

Respected and respectful

Our skilled, knowledgeable and experienced handlers and technicians are known for their meticulous handling of heritage materials – treating them with the respect they deserve at all times.

Gentle preservation

We use cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques to provide one of the UK’s most specialist digitisation services for your rare, precious and fragile heritage materials.

Services by us, for you

Our flexible services are fully tailored to ensure organisations meet their key objectives regardless of the type or quantity of materials.

/ Reviews from our Customers

Microform are one of the best companies that I have had the pleasure of working with in a long time. They work as part of the extended team, so communication isn’t an effort; it is a natural part of the process of getting the job done and delivering results.
Alison John Registration Services Manager, Warwickshire County Council
I love REG...the slick, quick and accurate re-production of any register entry is great, none of the staff at this office would go back to life without it!
Anne Atherton Superintendent Registrar, St Helens Registration Service
We have found the REG system a joy to manage and work with. Not only does it give us easy, speedy access to the certificates, we can now also offer a more professional, timely service to the public. All the staff have been impressed by how easy it is to use.
Microform Imaging have been a great company to work with, delivering excellent service and creating a unique, bespoke partnership.
Dawn Titherington Superintendent Registrar, Blackpool Council
Due to our repository being off site it was vital that we looked at alternative ways to work. Working with Microform and the REG system they had designed has transformed the way we work. No longer do staff have to leave the office to access registers on a daily/hourly basis all records are accessible instantly. Staff have welcomed the system and have full confidence in how to search, edit and print certificates. It has enabled us to offer a 2 hour turnaround certificate service for a premium fee increasing our income. Working with Microform has been a pleasure and one of most successful partnerships.
Gillian Greeson Superintendent Registrar, Wigan Council
REG has transformed the way in which we produce certificates. The process is simplified and streamlined and together with our ongoing indexing project has enabled us to achieve the efficiency targets required by the local authority.
Pat Evans Superintendent Registrar, The Register Office, Liverpool
From the first meeting we had to discuss our requirements with Mo, all the way through to now, communication in all forms have been exceptional. I very much doubt you could improve the quality of customer care and satisfaction. The relationship with Rachel throughout the project gave exceeded all my expectations, she has made the project a pleasure and stress-free experience. The level of professionalism and ''can do'' attitude she has shown from day one has been amazing and made what could have been a time of worry and concern for me, in to a feel-good working experience. Microform go the extra mile to make life easier!
Robert Harrison IT Director and Partner, HGF
I was thrilled to bits with the hard drive containing the scans of all my scrapbooks and would like to thank you very much for doing such a splendid job and for treating them with such great care.
Sir Stirling Moss

/ Our Accreditations