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What are the benefits of document scanning for SMEs?

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From the largest corporation to the smallest local company, it is the nature of all businesses to strive for better efficiency and reduced costs.

As you might be aware, SMEs can achieve both of these directives from document scanning, and in this article, we’ll be discussing why document scanning offers such benefits.

Document scanning improves customer service and saves time

For businesses that are customer-facing, large amounts of time can often be spent searching and sorting through paperwork.

Even SMEs can find themselves with large amounts of paper, which can negatively affect response times.

When documents undergo scanning, they can be found both quickly and easily using a keyword search.

These keywords can be anything from a page title, author, date, or identifying features within the body of the text itself.

Even in the largest of databases, a well-kept digital filing system can find the necessary documents in a matter of seconds.

Over the period of a year, it is clear to see that a vast quantity of time and money can be saved from document retrieval times, and many small businesses we work with report savings in the thousands.

Document scanning offers greater levels of security

Now more than ever it is important for companies to protect the data of both clients and employees.

By storing documents digitally, sometimes on cloud management systems, businesses have the capability to secure their data against fires, floods, and other unforeseen disasters.

Available in as many (or as few) locations as possible, digital documents are protected throughout the secure ISO27001.

We offer bespoke storage solutions for every business that we work with, which means that we are able to offer focused and unique solutions that cater to the needs and requirements of companies and their clients.

Greater working flexibility

No matter what industry you might work in, it's increasingly common for members of staff to work away from the office, at home, or while in transit.

Having your documents digitally available means that businesses are able to offer staff flexibility in both where they work and the hours they do.

Once that cumbersome paper distribution is eliminated, it also means that different departments, projects, and people are able to share and work on the same document at the same time.

Whether a document is shared via CD, email, or uploaded to a cloud management system, businesses are offered the ability to share their documents to as many or as few people as possible.

As many documents within a business can be private and confidential, we can also restrict certain documents from the greater business by offering profile and password protections.

What’s more, greater levels of security can be offered by limiting IP access to one single location, which means that only individuals or devices within that specific area can gain access to the network or individual documents.

If you want to know more about what document scanning can do for your business, or what kind of cloud management set up might be best for you, send us a message through our contact page.