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Bespoke REG software implemented into Liverpool Register Office

Microform Branding - Woman's hand signing register.

Microform Imaging have created, with the assistance of Liverpool Register Office, an innovative and groundbreaking method of search and retrieval for birth, marriage and death registers. We worked closely with them to understand the methods and processes adopted in this sector and successfully, we have helped transform the register office into a more productive and efficient operation. More expedite in its processes and more consistent with the certificates produced using our bespoke REG software.

There is nothing like this within the marketplace today, that provides registrars with the ease of searching and retrieving an entry for a life event and printing a certificate all within a matter of a minute or two - literally!

We presented at the LRSA conference in 2013 and since then, we have had significant interest from registrars enquiring and wanting to learn more about the processes adopted by Liverpool Register Office and how this could be emulated at their own office.

Contact us now for more information or a brochure on how we made this possible, or to schedule a meeting to discuss this, please email