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Let Microform help you Get Organised today

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What is Get Organised Day?

The inception of Get Organised Day came in 2005 after a study conducted by the Association of Professional Coordinators found that the average person wastes up to one hour every day searching for things they have misplaced. It is a day devoted to recognising and celebrating the importance of organisation and structure in an ever-changing, rapidly moving world. In a word, then, Get Organised Day, which is celebrated on 26th April every year, is the salvation of the disorganised, and its importance within the business sphere is undisputable. After all, as the saying goes, if you want to change the world, simply start by making your bed.

Read about some of the advantages of some methods that we here at Microform offer, to help with your organisation…

Go Digital

Cost efficiency – One of the best things about digitising your workplace is that it mitigates the traditional pitfalls of non-digital businesses. For instance, money spent on things such as paper, printing, scanning, laminating, postage, and so on, can be invested elsewhere. An electronic facsimile of a document, for example, can be distributed digitally as opposed to physically, therein saving both money and time.

Time efficiency – Time is perhaps more valuable to businesses than it is to most other fields of work. So, time spent sifting through files and documentation (which, we must stress, is unnecessary in the digital age) can instead be channelled into areas you may usually have to rush through.

A paperless office – Toner, ink and the general maintenance of a printer can take a considerable amount of time and money from your business. Go paperless – invest that time elsewhere.

Preservation of quality – A business’ image is, in many ways, equally as important as its services. Unlike physical documentation, digital copies are consistent in the way they appear and do not require the amount of preservation as its tangible opposite. For instance, an important file could become damaged or worn out in the post, as indeed it could had it been sitting in your desk-drawer over a long period of time. Thus, time and money spent preserving documentation are minimised, and your company’s image maintains it's level of respectability.

Cloud Storage

Accessibility – The assembly of business data onto an online cloud is beneficial for a number of reasons. The first, and probably the most important, is the accessibility it brings. When once we trudged tediously through old letters and documentation, we can now assemble them in an order tailored to our preferences. Here at Microform, we offer a bespoke record scanning management system which means your business will be able to select, move, archive, publicise, or individualise, which leads to another advantage of data archiving: Time efficiency

Time efficiency – As has been previously established, time is essential if your business is to thrive. Efficient usage of time can allow for a better organisational structure. Archiving data, which can be easily reobtained, eliminates the time spent sifting through old and irrelevant files.

Recovery of lost files – Human error means that we often misplace or lose important files. Data archiving lessens this risk by storing files at a remote location, which can be easily accessed through an internet connection. It is a brilliant way to ensure that files are not lost, and that little time is expended on trying to retract them. Its reliability makes cloud storage a very popular organisational tool amongst businesses.

Security – One common misapprehension people have about going digital is that the safety of their important files and documents becomes compromised. This is untrue. In fact, in many ways, they become safer. We can ensure that your files are accessible by entering a password, which you may distribute to selected people, ensuring that rogue visitors cannot breach your data unless equipped with that password. Furthermore, such security can be tightened by offering access only to specified IP addresses.

Multifactor Authentication – According to a 2015 survey, actually remarkably simple to understand. A two-factor authentication code is essentially a password with the addition of a server key or token, making it more difficult for hackers to breach. In light of the recent Facebook privacy scandal, data security has never been more sought after. Microform ensures that your files are as secure as possible.

Record Scanning

Importance of record scanning – For some businesses, it is the law to save and preserve their business records; for all businesses, it is advisable. Here at Microform, we offer a unique and bespoke method of preserving important documents, meaning they are never more than a few clicks away. By setting passwords for files, we can arrange it so that they are accessible only to those who need them. Conversely, we can set it so that files are readily available to the general public if they should need to access them.

Scanning proliferation – There is a vast range of records that we scan here at Microform. They include:

  • Financial documents

  • Legal documents and contracts

  • Film negatives

  • X-rays

  • Medical documents and records

  • Large format documents

  • Business diaries

  • Books, newspapers and magazines

  • Microfiche, microfilm, and aperture cards

Reliability – Even if your computer is damaged or broken, our record scanning tool ensures that your files are safely stowed away at a different location (on the cloud). This means that you will still be able to access them from a different device and that such documents are not lost if your device suddenly breaks down.

Availability of files – Using an algorithm we call Optical Character Recognition (OCR), we can ensure that files are easily traceable and editable in their digital forms. Your files can be converted into images, CSV files, PDF formats, and Microsoft Word files, which is especially helpful with regards to the access of medical records. OCR holds a huge advantage over physical documentation, where to edit them requires countless re-prints.

So why not get organised today and call us to discuss a project you have in mind that we can help you with!