Negative Film Scanning

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Negative Film Scanning

Aside from microfilm and other forms of scanning, we also employ a negative film scanning service for companies and organisations throughout the UK.

There’s no doubt that old negatives, slides, and plates can become worn and damaged over time, which is why companies, organisations, and institutions are now converting their films and negatives into digital form.

We offer a secure and reliable service that ensures the safety of negative films, both during the scanning process and while they are being delivered back to the client.

Microform is also able to offer scanning services for a range of film formats including:

  • 35mm slides
  • 35mm camera negatives
  • Half-plate negatives
  • Glass-plate negatives
  • X-ray negatives

 Benefits of negative film scanning

Aside from the above-mentioned benefits, there is a range of other advantages involved in having films scanned and converted into digital formats.

One of the many reasons that health organisations, academic institutions, and even individuals have their films scanned is so that they have a crucial back-up of everything within the negatives.

Whereas the originals are susceptible to the wear and tear of time, digital formats allow information to be stored in a wide range of locations, both on physical hard drives and cloud-based software.

One of the greatest advantages of digital negative film scanning is that companies with large archives and filing systems are able to find the film, document, and information that they require within a matter of moments.

Whereas once it might have taken employees hours or even days to track down and acquire a specific file, this can now be done with just a few clicks of a button.

Our bespoke document management systems are streamlined, easy-to-use, and are able to track down films or negatives using a range of searchable descriptions.

Sometimes it is also the decision of an organisation or a company to dispose of film negatives once they have been converted to their digital formats. If this decision is taken, this also allows for that business or organisation to expand their physical space.

What’s more, we also offer a secure document and negative film destruction service, which ensures that your films and documents are destroyed in a secure and private manner.

Why choose Microform for negative film scanning?

Having been in business for over 50 years, we pride ourselves for being at the heart of the microfiche and film scanning industry.

Trusted by an array of medical, financial, and academic institutions, we have worked with a range of private, sensitive, and rare documents, meaning that we know what kind of care and attention they deserve.

No matter what industry or background an organisation might be from, we offer a range of bespoke services to ensure that our scanning services meet the needs and requests of all of our clients.

For those that are unable, for whatever reason, to have their archives transported to our secure facilities, we can even arrange for your film negatives to be scanned on location.

For more information about our negative film scanning services – from how we scan your films, through to how long it might take — visit our contact page, or call us on 01924 825 700.

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