Slide Scanning

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Slide Scanning

As well as providing quality microfilm and negative scanning services, we also offer slide scanning services for companies, organisations, and individuals who want to convert their physical images into digital formats.

Including 35mm Kodachrome and Ektachrome slides, we provide a fast and efficient service using some of the best and latest technologies on the market.

How it works

Here at Microform, we utilise a range of slide scanners from some of the best scanning companies in the world, including Kodak, Minolta, NextScan, IBML, Sunrise, and Agfa.

Once the slides have arrived at our secure facilities, we ensure the best possible scanning results, and to achieve that, we give each slide an “air wipe” clean using sensitive machinery.

This helps to remove and loosen dust and dirt particles to help create the best possible result without damaging any film.

Once ready, the images are carefully placed into our slide scanners and digital copies are created.

The digital images can then be converted into a number of digital formats, including:

  • JPEG
  • PDF
  • TIFF

It is then up to the client whether they would like to have their original slides transferred securely back to them, or whether they would like the option of using our secure shredding and destruction service.

Benefits of slide scanning

When companies and individuals approach us to scan their slides, they do so for a number of reasons.

Many businesses understand that 35mm films and slides tend to suffer from the wear and tear of time, and look to us to help preserve their slides and records to a digital format.

Whereas the original films will always be at risk from accidents and dangers such as flood and fire damage, digital files are protected on cloud servers and our document management software system.

No matter how many times a digital image is copied, saved, and printed, the quality of that image will never diminish, fade, discolour or tear.

In the past, we have also worked with large photography companies who own large archives of film and slides.

Whereas before, the slide retrieval service might have taken minutes, hours, or days, our specialised document management system allows the retrieval of images within a matter of moments – helping to save both time and money.


We have many frequently asked questions in regards to slide scanning, so here is a selection of them:

How will my slides be indexed?

During the consultation process it is decided with every client how they want their slides recorded and indexed.

We discuss a range of processes and solutions with every service that we offer to ensure that we offer a totally bespoke scanning service to each and every client.

Can I see the scans before they are delivered?

Yes, we offer previews of scans on every project we work on so that we ensure approval before we return both the digital and physical files.

Is it possible to dispose of slides after scanning?

Like many other materials we scan, we can offer a secure disposal service when it comes to image slides.

Why scan with Microform?

Having worked with a range of companies, from financial institutions to healthcare organisations, we are trusted to handle and protect some of the most sensitive, confidential, and rarest of images.

With over 50 years’ experience in the microfiche and image scanning industry, we have worked to become one of the most respected slide scanning companies in the UK.

What’s more, our services are bespoke, so no matter what industry a client might be from, or what they require of the digital images, we work with them to ensure that we adhere to their needs and requests.

On the occasional instance that a client is unable to have their files transported to our facilities, we can even arrange, in some cases, for slides to be scanned on the premises of a client.

If you would like any further information about our slide or negative film scanning services, you can get in touch via our contact page, ring us on 01924 825 700, or email us at