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Book Scanning

For companies and organisations that have books, magazines, diaries, and bound volumes going back decades, it is important that these records are kept in their best and most readable conditions for years to come.

With that in mind, it is also a great idea to assure the safety of texts by transforming them into a digital format; safeguarding them against accidents and the natural passage of time.

How does book scanning work?

There are two kinds of book scanning that Microform performs. These are:

• Bound scanning
• Unbound scanning

When a client requests bound book scanning this means that during the process, the book remains intact and is returned to the client unspoilt.

This does mean, however, that it does tend to be a little harder to scan information closer to the centre of a page.

During the unbound scanning process, the spine of a book is carefully sliced so that the pages lay flat on the glass of the scanner, where a clearer image can be created.

After this, the pages are then sent to our secure destruction and recycling facilities.

For books that have been through the bound scanning process, they are returned to the client, or upon request, are also sent for recycling.

Who needs book scanning?

Aside from a large number of businesses, public organisations, museums and libraries, we also provide our book scanning services to a range of individuals, including writers, publishers, private collectors, and students – whether they have rare, historical books, or books of personal value.

We pledge to take the greatest amount of care with every single book that we handle during the scanning process to ensure the integrity and health of the original document.

The kind of books we scan

Due to the fact that our customer base is so large in regard to this particular service, we are able to provide a wide-ranging and fully bespoke service for all kinds of books and publications.

Some of our more popular scans include rare comic books, fragile books, important newspapers, old help manuals, large format documents, personal diaries, journals, and rare manuscripts.

If you have a publication or book that you wish to have scanned, but do not see it on the list above, our team has years’ of experience working with some of the rarest and most remarkable documents in the UK – so you can rest assured it will be safe in our hands.

Why is it important to get a book scanned?

There are many advantages of book scanning, both for individuals and businesses.

For those who own a large quantity of books – especially businesses – scanning ensures an easier and more effective way of archiving and preserving information.

What’s more, owning digital copies of your own work enables you to re-edit the text within OCR documents without damaging the original material.

Quite simply, however, one of the largest advantages of book scanning is the preservation of information.

Whereas the original volumes are at risk from damage from a variety of conditions, including air humidity, mould, water, and fire damage, digital preservation means that the information can be stored on a cloud and made available at an unlimited number of locations.

We also offer something called an “unbound” book scanning service. For books that are no longer required after scanning, we can arrange a lower cost scanning service involving the slicing of the spine of the book.

Although this destroys the original document, it ensures a faster, and sometimes even clearer digital image. Once we have finished scanning the pages, they are then sent to our secure shredding and recycling facilities – ensuring the security and privacy of all sensitive documents.

Our “bound” book scanning service preserves the condition of the books as they arrive at our facilities.

Why choose Microform?

Here at Microform, we are proud of our heritage, having been in the microform and film scanning industry for over 50 years, serving a variety of commercial, academic and public organisations.

Viewed as one of the most trusted and valued microfilm companies in the UK, we offer a variety of bespoke microfiche and image scanning services.

When it comes to book scanning, we also offer a variety of formats in which to view your files once they have been scanned. These include:

  • TIFF
  • JPG
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • Searchable PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • Amazon Kindle
  • iBook

Book Scanning FAQs

Can individuals get their books scanned?

Yes, we cater to a range of clients, which includes individuals who are looking to get their personal collections scanned.
Personal book collections and collectors enjoy the same dedication and quality scans as any business or organisation looking to have their books scanned.

Aside from books, does Microform scan newspapers?

Yes, we scan a range of materials including newspapers, magazines, comic books, fanzines, diaries, and journals.

My books are quite rare, would that be a problem?

No, Microform has a long history of handling, rare, delicate, and expensive books and is one of the most trusted scanning companies in the country.

Including work from both museums and universities, we have handled books and papers that are hundreds of years old and they are always treated with the utmost care and respect.

Does Microform scan confidential books?

Up to 80 per cent of our work is private and confidential, which is why we put security at the heart of what we do.
Much of our work also comes from both medical and financial organisations which means that our staff are contractually obliged to sign confidentiality agreements to ensure the tightest possible controls.

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