Why document scanning saves money


A key process for the digital age, document scanning has transformed the every day workings of businesses throughout the UK.

Including law firms, legal institutions, and medical organisations, we have helped modernise the archives of businesses from a range of backgrounds and industries.

But why is document scanning so popular, and how does it save businesses money?

Document scanning creates space

Large archives

Even the largest organisations have to find more room when they expand.

It is for this reason that document scanning makes so much sense.

Having worked with businesses and organisations of all sizes, the feedback we hear from practically all of them is the relief in how much room that they have been able to open up after scanning has taken place.

This in turn has helped many businesses expand and grow without the need of hiring new rooms or properties.

Document scanning saves time

Man checking on scanned documents

Another benefit, and one of the most important, is the amount of time that document scanning can save a business.

No matter how big or small an organisation might be, it is important to have an ordered and well-kept archive system.

Despite this however, for the very largest institutions at least, it can take hours for single files or documents to be retrieved.

This cumbersome search process can be totally overcome with the commercial document scanning.

The reason for this is because when files, records, or documents are scanned, they can then be placed on cloud and document management systems.

Once loaded onto either system, any file can then be retrieved using a number of search queries and are brought up to the user straight away.

Document scanning improves security

Contract signing

For law firms and legal companies, the security of their files is a big priority, and document scanning offers total protection for legal contracts, financial documents, records, and more.

The main reason for this is because here at Microform, we offer totally bespoke cloud and system management systems to our clients, ensuring that each one has a system created for their commercial needs and objectives.

For example, a document management system at a museum may wish to offer access to the public, whereas a legal firm might only offer access to a few select individuals.

When systems need to be restricted, we can arrange for password protected profiles or systems that can only be accessed by a single IP address.

Document scanning keeps files safe

Business People Diverse Brainstorm Meeting Concept

As we all know, the passage of time and general wear and tear can have devastating effects on documents and files.

Environmental conditions can be particularly harmful to documents when you consider issues such as floods and fires.

When it comes to digital files that are stored on a cloud network however, the good news is that they are immune from such damage as they are not physically stored in the location of a business.

The digital files are protected throughout the secure ISO27001.


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