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Why your business could benefit from OCR scanning

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Although some people might have heard of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning, the likelihood is those same people might not be aware of some of the brilliant advantages that it can bring to a company or organisation.

With that in mind, here are some of the best reasons why your company could benefit from Microform’s specialist OCR scanning services:

You can do it for your customers

There’s no doubt that the quality of customer service is one of the most important elements of a business, and OCR scanning can help propel the efficiency of it in a heartbeat.

For example, if you need to quickly access documents while on the phone, or while in a face-to-face conversation with a customer, documents, books, and newspapers can be quickly sought in digital form and delivered in seconds.

You can OCR a whole range of documents

No matter what kind of work your organisation performs, at Microform, we invest in some of the highest quality scanners in the industry, which means that we are able to perform OCR scanning on a wide range of documents, including:

  • Books, newspapers and magazines

  • Documents converted to Microsoft Word

  • Catalogues converted to Microsoft Excel

  • Document conversion to XML, HTML, and SPSS

What’s more, no matter what kind of document we are scanning, on average, our scanners have incredible accuracy on documents that have had enjoyed OCR scanning servers.

For an extra fee however, we can also offer an expert proofing service to ensure each and every character has been accurately replicated in any digital document.

OCR scanning allows for the editing of documents

Any document that has undergone OCR scanning can also be edited once that the digital documents have been converted to the file format of choice.

This means that even legal, medical, and financial documents can be edited and modified so that businesses are able to offer greater accuracy and make digital notes on specific pages or on individual documents.

What’s more, we can apply OCR technology to documents written in many different languages, so if you are interested in having documents written in another language scanned, speak to one of our scanning professionals to see if we can help.

Our OCR scanning ensures the integrity of documents

Whereas paper documents can degrade over time, by digitising your documents with OCR scanning, you are ensuring the integrity of information for future generations to come.

At Microform, we have helped libraries, museums, and universities preserve historical, delicate, and rare documents and information, which means we are experienced in handling some of the most sensitive materials on the planet.

In some circumstances, we can even arrange to have materials scanned on the premises of a client to ensure the total safety and security of documents.

Like all our services, we offer totally bespoke OCR scanning to each and every client to ensure complete satisfaction.

If you would like to know a little more about OCR scanning, and how it could help your business, contact us on 01924 825 700 or check out our contact page.