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Why cloud storage makes great business sense

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Cloud management systems open a wealth of new possibilities for businesses and organisations looking to get ahead of competition.

From the smallest to the largest, we’ve implemented and designed a range of cloud management systems for our clients after they have utilised our scanning services.

But what are the benefits of cloud storage and management systems?

The option of remote work

Depending on the requirements of businesses, cloud management systems allow workers to allow remotely from anywhere in the world.

With profile and password settings employees are able to access files and information at any time of day.

Of course, this might not be ideal for all businesses, but as we work on a completely bespoke basis, we can fine tune systems so that they suit any type of company.

No loss of data

When organisations save their files to cloud management systems it means that they no longer have to worry about losing files and data.

Although the destruction of a single hard drive spells doom for information stored within it, when files are stored on cloud management systems, it means that information cannot be destroyed via the loss of a single computer or hard drive.

This is because the information is spread throughout a cloud system, where files and data remain undisturbed if a computer happens to drop out from that network.

Excellent cost efficiency

Unlike many computing systems, cloud management systems are one of the most efficient electronic storage types to both maintain and upgrade.

Whereas individual computers can cost hundreds of pounds to upgrade and expand, cloud management systems are relatively cost efficient to maintain and do not require teams of IT personnel to support.

Speedy software integration

As our cloud management systems are bespoke to each and every one of our clients, this means that they are easily compatible with all types of software.

Laborious processes and additional efforts are therefore bypassed during the implementation of systems and can take as little as a few hours.

Top level security

We pride ourselves in being able to offer the best possible security for our clients and are able to implement a range of security measures fitting to the needs and objectives of clients.

From totally open access, as previously discussed, we can also ensure total safety of documents and files by ensuring that cloud systems can only be accessed from one single IP location.

This means that the cloud system remains unreachable for anyone outside of that network, which can be as wide as a single room of computers.

All documents are protected throughout the secure ISO27001 accreditation.

Public facing systems become possible

As we work with public institutions along with private companies, we can also create bespoke cloud management systems for public use.

Over the years we have scanned important books and documents for museums all over the country before placing those files on cloud management systems that then become available for members of the public.

Why choose Microform for cloud management systems

Here at Microform, we pride ourselves in providing unique and totally bespoke services that range from document scanning to document management implementation and document destruction.

With such an all-round offering, we have been one of the go-to scanning and document management companies in the UK.

Having worked with businesses from all kinds of backgrounds, including medical organisations and educational institutions, we are experienced with working alongside a range of companies and are totally flexible in our approaches.

If you would like to know a little more about our bespoke cloud management systems, check out our contact page to get in touch.

Alternatively, email us at