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Why digital transformation should be at the heart of your business

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Digital transformation has been on the lips of many businesses for the last few years.

From the largest institutions in the world, right down to the smallest local business, all organisations must undergo some form of digital transformation so that they can compete in the modern world.

In this article, we’ll discuss why digital transformation is important, and how we can help you undergo one of the most liberating and important challenges a business can experience.

Digital transformation keeps you ahead of the curve

We’ve helped businesses across Yorkshire and the UK with their digital transformation needs.

Whether they are searching for more modern document management systems, better cloud management systems, or data archiving solutions, we’ve helped companies pave the way and path towards a brighter digital future.

By modernising your internal management systems, we can supply you with some of the most advanced technology in business that can greatly improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your internal operations.

Digital transformation keeps you competitive

By investing in systems and processes, whether that involves data archiving or document disposal, Microform can help keep you ahead of your competitors.

In fact, according to a recent study, two-thirds of SMEs are considering improving their working processes through digital transformation.

Due to the fact that all our services are bespoke, we can offer you the most adaptive and flexible solutions that cater to you and your industry’s exact needs.

Digital transformation keeps you secure

A little-known benefit of digital transformation is the fact that it offers great security benefits to not only the company in question, but also to its customers and employees.

Due to the fact that we offer some of the most capable and security-orientated management systems possible, we can help companies protect themselves against fraud and other malicious activities that could easily penetrate weaker systems.

Furthermore, we can fully tailor management systems to the specifications and needs of the business in question.

For example, we can design it so that your systems can be accessed by only specific IP addresses (including the option of it being accessed by just one internal IP address), specific user profiles, or we can set it so only certain information can be accessed by employees with the correct permissions.

Digital transformation helps you save money

Although there is indeed an initial cost when a business goes through the process of digital transformation, there’s absolutely no question that vast savings can be made over the resulting years.

In fact, one of the biggest pieces of feedback we get when we implement document or cloud management systems is just how many hours businesses are able to save each and every month simply due to their increased levels of efficiency.

If you want to know more about how Microform can help you plan and implement a process of technical transformation, whether in regards to document and cloud management, or any other service, call us on 01924 825700 or email us at