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How Microform can help protect you from fraud

Microform Branding - Secure Touchscreen for Security.

In 2018 it was reported that fraud costs the UK £110 billion per year, and what’s more, on a global scale, that figure rises to an eye-watering £3.2 trillion.

As organisations embark on their digital transformation projects, it is vital that the most robust and up-to-date security measures are put into place to combat the threat of modern-day fraud.

With this in mind, Microform is dedicated to helping companies throughout the UK protect themselves, their customers, and their employees from malicious activity.

How Microform helps to protect businesses

No matter what kind of service you receive from Microform, whether it is the implementation of a brand-new document or cloud management system, the archiving of important files, or the disposal of documents, we use the latest technology and best practices to keep your business safe.

Unbeatable digital protection

Having supported universities, financial institutions, and medical organisations in their digital transformation efforts, we have helped implement some of the most robust and up-to-date security protocols in the industry.

From multifactor authentication processes to advanced data protection measures, all our services are totally bespoke to your needs and requirements, so we can help your organisation with its individual digital transformation goals.

Find out how technology such as cloud management can help improve your company’s security.

Secure archiving facilities

Many businesses, while undergoing digital transformation, require archiving so that their documents are securely preserved if they need them in the future.

Microform has an ongoing business relationship with Deepstore, a records management company with storage vaults located as deep as 150 metres in the ground.

Ensuring that your documents are stored in a secure facility is critical so that they do not leave exposed to malicious activities.

Proper document disposal

Although many businesses prefer to retain their documents in storage facilities, there are of course others that prefer to dispose of them.

Another service that Microform offers its clients is of course secure document disposal. This service can confidentially destroy a great range of records and documents including:

  • Any form of microfilm

  • Business records

  • Business diaries

  • Financial documents

  • Medical records

  • Books of all kinds

  • Film negatives

Any document that goes through our document disposal process is confidentially shredded and compacted to ensure that no single piece of information is retained.

The remaining material is then recycled.

If you want to know more about how document disposal can improve security, check out this article about document disposal for better office security.

What are the best security measures that I can consider to protect my business?

We’re often asked what other security measures can be enabled to protect organisations, and the good news is that there is a range of small changes you can make in your own business:

  • Enable an encrypted password management system, such as LastPass.

  • Ensure that all your software is up-to-date and secure.

  • Invest in secure lockers to store notepads and laptops overnight.

  • Enable key and fob systems to all doors and private areas of your premises.

  • Educate your employees about security and the dangers of malpractice.

  • Document your GDPR and cyber security processes.

  • Install anti-malware software and regularly back up all data.

If you want to know more about how Microform could help keep your business secure as you go through the digital transformation process, contact us today on 0330 053 6300 or check out our contact page.