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How Microform can help in your digital transformation

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Digital transformation is a term that is currently on the lips of businesses and organisations throughout the world.

Whether your business operates on a B2B or B2C basis, or you are a public-facing organisation, it’s more important than ever that you take digital operations into account.

Not only can digital transformation help your customer or client services, but it can help your company become more efficient, which can not only lead to great savings, but it can help secure your place in the marketplace for years to come.

What is digital transformation?

Quite simply, digital transformation is a change in the workings of a business, its organisational activities, processes and models to leverage evolutions and opportunities within digital technologies.

This could be anything from upgrading current computer systems, transferring to cloud management systems, or archiving vast amounts of data and records to digital formats — all of which Microform can assist and oversee.

It is often said that businesses that don’t go through transformation are businesses that have failed to evolve, which can often lead to a stagnation in growth or later, a complete contraction.

How can Microform help in my digital transformation?

According to Financier Worldwide, no less than 96 per cent of companies understand that digital transformation is a necessary step, however, the key is only investing in services or technology that is right for your organisation.

Here, Microform is on hand to provide expert guidance throughout the digital transformation process; helping companies choose from bespoke software and technology that is right for them.

We have experience working with companies and organisations in a wide variety of industries including in finance, education, law, and the medical and public sectors, which means we are highly versatile in our understanding of business processes.

What services can Microform offer for digital transformation?

It goes without saying that our priorities in life are to help businesses develop, become more efficient, and become more secure as they embrace new technologies.

Some of the most relevant services to digital transformation include:

Data archiving

For companies and organisations that still keep physical records and documents, our data archiving solutions can revolutionise record-keeping procedures.

With some digital formats (OCR) being searchable and editable, businesses are given the power to control and modify important documents and files.

Cloud management systems

Our cloud management systems offer streamlined and easy-to-use networks that allow entire companies to easily access information and files.

What’s more, these documents can be accessed from anywhere, which means that offsite teams and stakeholders are able to work on projects or files, no matter where they are in the world.

Cloud management systems also mean that your files and documents are protected through the secure ISO27001 certification.

Document management systems

Every single document management system we design is individual to each client, which means that we are able to create systems that cater only to the needs of a business or organisation.

Whether for internal use or for a system that is public or client-facing, we can help businesses streamline document and file retrievals so that objectives are met almost instantaneously.

If you want to know anything else about digital transformation, or any other of our services, check out our contact page.