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Why a paperless office is a money saver

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Businesses throughout the UK are choosing Microform to help them go paperless by installing document management systems.

In fact, a survey by YouGov in 2013 found that SMEs waste more than £42 million every day simply in the search and retrieval of documents.

Although getting rid of paper might not be feasible to some businesses, the vast majority of time we have been able to assist a range of companies in their efforts to eradicate paper usage.

But what are the benefits?

State of the art security

Our document and cloud management systems are among some of the most secure in the industry and we can offer a range of bespoke features in our systems to ensure that businesses get the right level and type of security for their needs.

Whereas many businesses rely on lock and key cabinets and office shredders, our systems provide a range of digital security systems that offer a more secure and convenient basis to store important files.

What’s more, as files and information can be saved in multiple locations across networks, it means that they are safe from environmental conditions and accidents such as flooding and fire damage.

Digital documents within our systems are forever protected through the secure ISO27001.

Better Efficiency

We all know how much effort document management takes up, from the physical toing and froing of files and boxes, to the actual time it takes to locate and deliver them.

As all documents within our management software are detailed and recorded to an extensive level, it means that they can be located within seconds.

Having worked with large companies and institutions throughout the country we have been able to reduce file retrieval times by thousands of hours a year.

Improved customer service

As businesses can concentrate on streamlining their operations, it means that the quality of customer service can be greatly increased.

Many of our clients have reported that they are able to respond to and complete customer queries and interactions much faster than before.

Greater amounts of space

Of course, one of the most obvious advantages to a paperless office is simply the amount of physical space that is opened up with the removal of documents and files.

With the introduction of document management systems, businesses and organisations are able to expand to new spaces and advance their processes in ways that were simply not possible before.

Reduction in carbon footprint

We all know where paper comes from and we all know what impact this has on the environment.

The good thing however, is that customers know this too, which means that companies throughout the UK are able to take advantage of their green credentials and use it to help market and further their businesses.

For a little more information on how you can make your office or business a little more carbon friendly, check out this article.

Totally bespoke offering

Here at Microform we offer totally bespoke services to our clients, which means no matter what you get from us, whether a document management system, or document scanning service, every part of it will be unique to your company.

We have even worked with companies who require us to work totally from their premises.

For more information about our document management systems, scanning services, or anything else, check out our contact page.