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What are the benefits of a digital mailroom?

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Digital mailroom solutions take all of your correspondence and process it via digital mail services ranging from email, to digital and print fax, as well as digitisation of post or 'snail mail'.

These different services bring all of your correspondence, whether physical or digital, together into a single digital mailroom, with numerous benefits achieved as a result.

It's fast, easy and reliable, with professional digital mailroom solutions like Microform's offering seamless interaction with the rest of your business processes.

1. Save time and space

All incoming correspondence, whether physical or digital, is captured and processed into a format compatible with your digital mail services.

That means physical copies of correspondence can be stored much more cheaply where they do not need to be so readily retrievable, or can be destroyed and only the digital version retained.

In turn, this frees up valuable storage space by reducing the amount of physical paperwork you store, and allowing the rest to be stored more densely packed.

2. Easy retrieval

Digitised documents can be made searchable and/or stored under a sensible, logical filename for easier retrieval.

Physical documents can be processed using optical character recognition (OCR) once scanned, turning the page from a static image to digital text that can be searched and even edited if required.

This means when you need to find a specific page, you can search in all the usual ways, including by filename or file contents.

Microform use common filetypes for different kinds of documents, from text to compressed and uncompressed image files, and mixed media stored as searchable and printable PDFs.

3. Compliance

If you're in an industry that requires regulatory compliance, it's likely that there are rules on how long you retain correspondence and other documents, and how easily you can retrieve them.

Again, all of the above applies to digital mailroom solutions, which show you are meeting your obligations when it comes to storing all relevant records in an appropriate format.

4. Full integration

Digital mail services integrate into your other business processes seamlessly, allowing you to accept correspondence in the ways your customers and suppliers want to communicate with you, but handle it internally in the way that best suits you.

Microform offers digital mailroom services to the highest standards, adhering to multiple British Standards, and over 80% of the documents we process are confidential.

Combined with our OCR document processing and long-term storage options for physical documents, this means you can cover all of the different elements of your document scanning, preservation and mailroom processing in one fell swoop.

5. Save money

One of the biggest benefits is the ability to save money in many ways by using digital mail services.

Each of the benefits already listed above has implications for cost-cutting, by reducing the time and money you spend on correspondence, the storage costs and so on.

Digital invoicing can also achieve this, as e-invoicing reduces postal costs, while streamlining your bills so you can take full advantage of early payment discounts and avoid overdue fees.