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How can your business benefit from cloud management?


Businesses can benefit from cloud management of their data storage, archiving and retrieval in many different ways.

Cloud data storage is hugely agile, keeping all of your most important information in digital formats that can be searched and retrieved in seconds.

This is essential for compliance in some regulated sectors, but it can massively increase efficiency and productivity in many more industries, adding to the business case for cloud management platforms.

You can regulate user access so unauthorised individuals cannot view sensitive documents, and by using permissions in this way you can achieve much better security than is possible with hardcopy files and records that are hard to locate.

And because user access is scalable, you can enable access to files from employees in remote locations, without being limited to a single copy of each document in a specific physical location at any one time.

How cloud storage management improves security

Data security is crucial in the modern era, when data breaches and leaks are increasingly punished with substantial fines, especially in regulated industries.

Microform's ISO 27001-compliant secure storage platforms give you access to your digital documents when and where you need it, without compromising security and authorisation.

Digital documents not only allow different user permissions to provide access to different individuals, teams and departments but also protect the documents against loss due to fire, flooding or theft as can occur with hard copies.

You can even enable secure access by members of the public, whether they are customers or you simply choose to make archives such as historic photographs available for general access.

How does cloud management work?

Every business is different, so at Microform, we don't expect you to use a one-size-fits-all cloud management platform.

Instead, we work with you to create a truly bespoke cloud management dashboard that provides the document management methods you need from it.

We can also handle the process of digitising hardcopy documents, using sophisticated scanning techniques ranging from full-colour uncompressed and compressed images to black and white document scanning and optical character recognition of text.

Together these techniques transform your hardcopies into a true digital archive, with a sensible folder hierarchy and logical folder and file names, plus the ability to find specific data quickly by searching the entire archive.

What about the hard copies?

What happens to the hard copies is completely up to you. We are of course happy to return them to you once they have been digitised and added to the archive accessible through your Cloud Management System dashboard.

Alternatively, if you are digitising your data in order to eliminate the risk of hardcopy security leaks or to reduce your physical storage burden, we offer secure destruction of the paper documents once they have been scanned.

Remember that your digital documents can be duplicated and backed up as you see fit, so with just a few sensible precautions, there should be no reason to retain the physical copies in most cases.

Microform has been providing document management and archiving services for more than 50 years to businesses of all sizes in all sectors, and we look forward to helping you reap the full benefits of cloud storage management too.

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