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Introducing document scanning

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Document scanning is one of our primary services.

Helping offices, archives, and organisations of all kinds go paperless, document scanning is one of the best ways to improve day-to-day efficiency.

But what is document scanning?

Quite simply document scanning involves the scanning of files, documents and records that are then indexed and verified, before being placed onto a database or cloud management system.

Using some of the most high tech document scanners available, we can produce high quality and peerless digital copies of files and records.

What are the benefits of document scanning?

The benefits of document scanning are both vast and varied, but if your company or organisation happens to deal with paper documents or records on a regular basis – the advantages can be huge.

Having worked with businesses both large and small, one of the main topics of feedback that we receive from our clients is how much more efficient their operations have become since converting their paper files to digital formats.

Some of the largest institutions, such as universities and museums, have reported that they have been able to shave sometimes thousands of hours off their document and file retrieval times – saving vast sums of money in the process.

How can small businesses benefit from document scanning?

It’s not only the largest businesses that benefit from the serviced document scanning process, as small business can also reap the rewards of an electronic document management system.

Microform has helped SMEs throughout the country organise their filing systems and we have introduced bespoke document management systems into the operations of many small businesses.

Including dentists, private surgeries, solicitors, accountants, and architects, we have worked to improve the daily life of companies from a large number of backgrounds.

Can document scanning help security?

Aside from the obvious benefit of improved efficiency, one of the best and most important advantages of document scanning is the wide range of security benefits that it brings with it.

No matter what kind of organisation you might be, document security is important and all files and records must be safeguarded.

Once that a company’s files and documents are converted to digital files, it means that they are safe from all kinds of natural and environmental conditions, including water and heat damage.

If there does happen to be some sort of flooding or fire in a building that has one of our cloud management systems within it, it means that all files and records are securely saved on the cloud – as they are not saved on one particular machine.

What’s more, although document management systems offer ease of access, Microform can arrange for a multitude of security options, from open access, to strictly limited access in the form of profiles and passwords.

We can even arrange it so that a document management system can only be accessed from one single IP address – meaning that no one outside a particular building or office can even attempt to log in to the document management software.

What happens to documents after they have been scanned?

Once that the documents and files have been scanned and safely saved to a system, there are a range of options available.

The first of course, is the safe return of all documents to a particular company or organisation.

However, many businesses do not wish to retain their original documents. From here an organisation can choose to have their documents saved within our secure storage facilities, or they can have them destroyed by our dedicated document shredding and recycling service.

If you have any questions about what document scanning involves, or whether Microform could help your business, drop us a message on our contact page.