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Medical scanning explained


Working with a vast array of clients from a wide range of backgrounds, some of our most common work is within the medical industry.

From hospitals to research facilities, and dentists to GPs, we’ve worked in almost every corner of the medical industry, helping to modernise facilities and improve care.

One of the primary services that we offer for medical organisations is our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning service.

What is OCR Scanning?

A crucial form of scanning for many companies, OCR scanning is the process of scanning files so that they are fully searchable and editable in their electronic form.

This means that files can be searched and discovered using the information within them, including reference numbers, patient IDs, doctor name, or other important keywords.

Another important benefit of OCR scanning is the fact that once uploaded onto document management software, files and records can be edited electronically or updated when necessary.

As you can imagine, having files that are so easily identifiable means that file retrieval times are cut down to mere seconds.

More often than not our clients, whether of a medical background or not, are able to report the saving of hundreds or thousands of hours a year simply thanks to the speed and efficiency of OCR files.

Medical documents we scan

Due to the fact that we have some of the most cutting edge scanners in the industry, alongside some of the most experienced staff, we are able to scan a range of medical documents including, amongst others:

  • Medical notes

  • A&E registers

  • Birth registers

  • Theatre registers

  • X-rays

  • GP medical records

  • Health records

  • Endoscopy records

  • Sterile Service Unit records

  • Immunisation records

  • PCT records

How we work with medical organisations

As with all the documents that we work with, we ensure that every single file is safe and accounted for at all times.

Offering bespoke services to all our clients, we can arrange the transportation, scanning, and aftercare of both sensitive and confidential medical documents.

When being delivered to our highly secure facilities, we ensure the total safety of medical documents by using only our own marked vehicles. These can be tracked by both ourselves and any client currently using that service.

Upon arrival, all files are then sorted so that they can be searched using a range of identifiers so that there is quick and easy access to any and all files.

As stated before, our services are totally bespoke and this means that if necessary, we can also scan medical documents and files on the premises of the client as a special measure.

Once they are checked against a roster, medical files are then carefully handled for scanning, where items such as paperclips, staples, and separators are removed as necessary.

Once this is complete the material is fed through our high-volume document scanners to the BS 10008:2008 Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information Standard.

Multiple checks are then undertaken to ensure the quality and legibility of the scans that have taken place. This includes a reconciliation process against the original inventory of files received.

The files are then handed over to the client, alongside the original documents. We also offer a secure document disposal service for clients who no longer need their original materials.

Is medical scanning secure?

When we install our bespoke management software, we ensure that it is equipped with the most secure defences available.

What’s more, we can also offer a range of user security options including restricted access profiles and specific ISP access points.

For more information about medical document scanning, or Microform LTD, call us on 01924 825 700, or email us at