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What we offer the public sector

Microform Branding - Museum paining with visitors.

With a wide range of services on offer, we are able to provide bespoke services to the public sector throughout the UK.

Including schools, colleges, libraries, councils, hospitals, and museums, we are able to cater for the individual needs of an organisation, no matter how big or small.

Take a look at some of the services that we offer public sector organisations:

Data archiving

A huge and important step for many public sector organisations, we have assisted with data archiving throughout the country.

Digital archiving allows organisations to improve their services, expand physical spaces, improve accessibility, and most importantly, toughen security.

Data archiving usually involves the scanning of documents, which are transformed into digital files that are then placed onto cloud servers or file management systems.

Book scanning

For museums and libraries, book scanning is an important way of preserving important or rare information.

This usually involves the safe and secure delivery of books, newspapers, and or magazines to our premises.

From there the books are carefully scanned on a page-by-page basis, or the spines are sliced and each page is then scanned for a greater level of clarity.

Digital copies are therefore created and if warranted, can be placed onto public-facing systems.

Photo scanning

Otherwise known as image scanning, we have a long and exciting history of scanning a range of images and photographs.

Including documents that are private and confidential, we have been able to save and digitally transform important and historical images for a range of public organisations.

Although physical images can of cause be easily damaged, images that are saved to cloud management systems and servers can only rarely find themselves being lost.

Secure file destruction

Although much of our services revolve around the retention of information, we also provide important document disposal facilities for companies that no longer wish to house their physical files.

When organisations opt for secure file destruction, this involves the shredding and compacting of physical files and papers before heading for recycling.

This can include any form of microfilm, business records, diaries, financial documents, medical records, books of all kinds, and film negatives.

If you would like to know more information about how Microform can help public sector organisations in the digitisation of files, preservation of information, or how we can help with GDPR, contact us on 01924 825 700.