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What sectors does Microform work with?

Microform Branding - Public building, Leeds Town Hall.

Whether you’re searching for document scanning, microfilming, or digital archiving, we’re proud to work with businesses from different kinds of industries and backgrounds.

With security at the heart of our business operations, we’re able to work with confidential and private documents, which means that we regularly liaise with a range of important sectors, including some of the ones below:

The public sector

From working with organisations in our home town of Wakefield, through to ones as far away as London and beyond, we regularly assist organisations in the public sector, including schools, colleges, universities, museums, and libraries.

Whether to free up physical space currently used for storage or to preserve important historical documents or materials of interest, we can help any public sector organisation modernise through digital transformation.

Only last year, we helped the British Postal Museum in its move towards digital and we have a long-standing relationship with The National Archives.

The financial sector

Due to the fact that over 80% of the documents that pass through our doors are both private and confidential, we enforce strict security procedures throughout our premises.

As our controls are some of the most secure in the industry, we are often called upon by companies in the financial sector to carry out secure document scanning.

As every service we offer is completely tailored to the client, we are also able to offer a range of cloud and document management systems that can help bolster the security of their services.

The legal sector

With legal work often being complex and time-hungry operations, we know just how much paperwork can be created from just a single case.

Having worked with legal firms of all sizes, we’ve helped businesses free up thousands of hours just from file retrieval alone.

Thanks to Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, it means that staff are able to search for and locate individual files based on key terms and keywords, including file titles, specific phrases, and even names.

We can even offer secure storage facilities once that scanning is complete, thanks to our ongoing relationship with Deepstore.

The medical sector

From dentists to hospitals, we’ve had a big part in helping medical institutions embrace digital technology as they take the next step in the path towards full digital transformation.

Helping push for a better service for patients, we are able to scan and digitise a wide range of medical documents including:

  • GP medical records

  • Health records

  • Endoscopy records

  • Sterile Services Unit records

  • Immunisation records

  • PCT records

  • X-ray records

  • Birth registers

  • Theatre registers

Working closely with all clients, along every step of the scanning process, we are able to scan and convert any of the documents into the files chosen by the client.

This can be anything from PDFs, Searchable PDFs (using Optical Character Recognition technology), JPGs, TIFF documents, Microsoft Word documents, and HTML.

Why choose Microform?

Relied upon by companies large and small, we offer a range of bespoke scanning services to organisations throughout the UK, and we can help and advise you through every step of the process.

If you have any questions about scanning and archiving, or how we could help your business with digital transformation, check out our contact page or call us on 01924 825700.