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Top tips for paperless office in 2023

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It goes without saying that our mission at Microform is to help businesses save money and become more efficient in everyday life.

This means that when we work with organisations, stretching from the medical sector right through to public libraries and museums, we help them cut down on their reliance on disposable products, including paper.

So, if your business is thinking about going paperless, here are some of the top tips and benefits for doing so:

Invest in technology for a secure and competitive future

Here at Microform, we can help your company invest in paperless technology that will not only take away the need for paper documents and files, but help secure your position in the marketplace.

Cloud and document management systems can help streamline services, improve security, cut costs and increase the overall efficiency of your business.

Read about why cloud storage makes great business sense.

Consider mobile technology

Being that we work with the medical sector on a regular basis, we know that employees within the industry are increasingly adopting the use of tablets so that they can quickly access records and information.

For those organisations that are public facing, the use of mobile technology means that staff are able to retrieve documents and records in a near instant.

What’s more, if there are multiple departments working on a project, mobile technology allows for a unified approach to work.

Discover the benefits document scanning

Of course, for those that require access to historical documents and papers, this means that they must first undergo scanning so that information can be replicated in a chosen digital format.

Document scanning means that businesses can instantly free up physical storage spaces, as well as improving company security and accessibility to important information.

We regularly work with organisations that report that they have been able to free up thousands of hours per year, since they are far more efficient once that they make use of our document scanning services.

Use software for electronic signatures and internal communication

Going paperless does not mean that you have to spend big, as there a range of software and communication systems that you can use for free or at little cost.

Many companies now use electronic signature software so that they can eliminate the printing, signing, and scanning processes entirely.

Saving both paper and time, you can download signature software such as Adobe Sign from both Google and Apple’s application stores.

For those that regularly send documents and messages across teams and departments, there are also a range of internal communication processes and task management systems to be found online.

Applications such as Basecamp, Trello, and Slack are great for task management and internal communications.

Remember that going paperless is a team effort

No institution or business can go paperless at the flick of a switch, as it is an ongoing process that should be adapted and perfected over time.

Getting the whole team involved in the evolution of new technology and practices is a great and enriching way to get everyone involved in a paperless organisation.

If you have any questions about any of our services, or how Microform can help your business go paperless in 2023, get in touch today.