Microfilm Scanning

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Microfilm Scanning

Microfilm contains tiny exposures of images that include documents, newspapers, books, manuals and other information. During the 20th century, many businesses and organisations chose to copy information on microfilm to save space in their offices and storage facilities.

Here at Microform, we are able to scan these sheets and convert them into digital images.

There’s no doubt that old microfilms have huge longevity, they can become worn and damaged over time, which is why companies, organisations, and institutions are now converting their microfilms and negatives into digital form.

We offer a secure and reliable service that ensures the safety of negative films, both during the scanning process and while they are being delivered back to the client.

Microform is also able to offer scanning services for a range of microfilm formats including:

  • 35mm microfilm
  • 35mm microfiche
  • 16mm microfilm
  • 16mm microfiche
  • Combi-fiche
  • COM Fiche
  • Aperture card

How it works

We invest in some of technology’s most cutting-edge scanners from the world’s leading brands.

This means that we are able to scan high-quality images from microfilms, helping to preserve important and historical information.

Once that a consultation has taken place we arrange for a marked and tracked Microform vehicle to pick up materials for scanning.

Upon arrival at our facilities each and every microfilm is checked against a roster before scanning.

Every image is quality checked by a technician during the process, to ensure that clients receive only the best quality scans and images.

From there the scans are presented to the client for sign-off and the full range of digital products are then delivered to the client.

The original microfilms are then returned to the client or securely destroyed at our specialist facilities.

Benefits of microfilm scanning

Aside from the above-mentioned benefits, there are a range of other advantages involved in having microfilms scanned and converted into digital formats.

One of the many reasons that health organisations, academic institutions, and even individuals have their films scanned is so that they have a crucial back-up of everything within the microfilms.

Whereas the originals are susceptible to the wear and tear of time, digital formats allow information to be stored in a wide range of locations, both on physical hard drives and cloud-based software.

One of the greatest advantages of digital microfilm scanning is that companies with large archives and filing systems are able to find the film, document, and information that they require within a matter of moments.

Whereas once it might have taken employees hours or even days to track down and acquire a specific file, this can now be done with just a few clicks of a button.

Our bespoke document management systems are streamlined, easy-to-use, and are able to track down films or negatives using a range of searchable descriptions.

Sometimes it is also the decision of an organisation or a company to dispose of film negatives once they have been converted to their digital formats. If this decision is taken, this also allows for that business or organisation to expand their physical space.

What’s more, we also offer a secure document and negative film destruction service, which ensures that your films and documents are destroyed in a secure and private manner.

Although in the past, storing information on microfiche was a great way of preserving important material, with the advancement of digital technologies, there is a better way of accessing information.


Once that information has been scanned from microfilm pages, the digital images can then be placed on our unique document management software, which enables the images to be accessed in any time or place.

After entering just a few relevant details, the required images can be accessed in a matter of moments.

Our microfilm scanning services have been used by educational institutions throughout the UK and have been able to cut their archival retrieval services down by hundreds of hours.


Although microfilm pages can last for decades, the wear and tear of time can lead to the films becoming worn and difficult to view – especially when they have been placed within inappropriate storage facilities.

Once the digital files of the scans are created however, they can be copied and resaved an unlimited amount of times.

What’s more, because of our bespoke document management systems can be accessed by multiple computers and stored on a cloud-based system, should anything happen to one computer, the files are backed up in multiple locations


Our document management systems offer some of the most robust security features in the world.

This means that any confidential or private images are stored safely.

As our systems are bespoke, we can arrange and design them exactly on how a client wants them to be accessed. For instance, the images can be set up to be used by an unlimited number of people, or just a very few.

What’s more we can also organise that a storage system is only accessible to one IP address, meaning that any computer or electronic device outside of that address cannot gain access to the system.


We are often asked a variety of questions about microfilm scanning, so here are the ones that you might want to ask the most:

Can I have confidential microfilms scanned?

Absolutely, up to 80 per cent of the work we do at Microfilm is confidential, which means we enforce the tightest security and disclosure measures.

Can microfilm scans be placed on a public-facing document management system?

Having worked with a range of public-facing institutions and organisations, including museums and libraries, we have designed and created a range of management systems that are built with public use in mind.

Why choose Microform

We have years of experience in scanning microfiche documents and converting them into digital files and have been trusted by medical, academic, and financial institutions throughout the country.

Trusted to handle confidential, private, and rare microfiche sheets, we have a range of safeguards at our facilities to ensure both the health and security of everything that we handle.

For more information, contact us on 01924 825 700.

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