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OCR scanning for dentists

Microform Branding - Dentist reading information from a computer.

Here at Microform, one of our many services is OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning, a type of scanning that can be utilised by an array of businesses – especially those in the medical profession.

But what is OCR scanning?

Quite simply, OCR scanning is a type of scanning that records the individual characters and numbers within a document and is able to convert files and records into fully editable documents.

These include:

  • PDF searchable formats

  • CSV files

  • XML files

  • Excel files

  • Microsoft Word files

How it works

OCR scanning technology relies on two algorithms that produce a list of possible characters for recognition.

This then involves a comparison between what is scanned and what is already known; performed on a pixel-by-pixel basis.

With files and records that are of good quality, our scanners can achieve a 99 per cent success rate.

As an extra service, however, we can provide experienced proofreaders to check and amend mistakes.

Documents that can be converted with OCR

Thanks to our specialised scanners we are able to convert a variety of documents using OCR:

  • Medical textbooks

  • Medical magazines

  • Medical records

  • Files

  • Legal documents

  • Financial documents

  • X-rays

Why it benefits dentists

One of the greatest benefits of OCR scanning is the fact that dentists are able to cut down sometimes hundreds of hours in file retrieval time.

What’s more, we ensure that any work that enters our property remains private and confidential.

Working with a grand range of clients, from healthcare organisations to financial firms, we are well-versed in scanning and converting private, confidential, and delicate materials.

In the event that anything should go wrong after scanning, we keep digital backups of all files and records so that we are there when you need us.

What happens after scanning

Usually, once scanning is complete, physical material is transferred to our on-site recycling and destruction facilities.

This is usually the option for when dentists are looking to free up more room or are going through a modernisation process.

Sometimes, however, clients prefer to have their materials returned to them when the digital files are delivered.

How do I know my files are secure?

Throughout the scanning process, we ensure that the client’s property is entirely secure by enforcing a range of security measures.

For documents undergoing the scanning process, they are hand delivered to our premises by our very own marked and tracked vehicles.

Upon arrival, every single document is then checked against an inventory before undergoing OCR scanning.

The very same inventory is then rechecked afterwards and the files are then delivered back to the client by the very same vehicles.

How are scans delivered?

Scans can be delivered to clients via a range of technologies, including:

  • USB sticks

  • Hard drives

  • DVDs

  • Online file transfer

If you have any other questions about our document scanning service and other work we do for medical organisations, contact us on 01924 825 700 or email us at