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Over the past 50 years Microform has helped and supported a range of companies, large and small, from all kinds of industries.
Including commercial businesses, from law to finance, and educational organisations, from museums to universities, we worked with institutions and people from all over the UK.
As well as working with microfilm and microfiche, we have helped some of the largest businesses in the UK modernise and develop their archives.
For example, we have helped countless medical organisations radically improve their filing facilities with the scanning of medical notes and files and the implementation of cloud and document based managing systems for digital data archiving.
Specialising in OCR, book, image, 360 degree imaging, and paper scanning, our facilities are designed to accommodate a great range of scanning services.
As every project we work on is completely bespoke and tailored to the client, we can dedicate all our resources to ensuring that our service is completely geared towards the objectives and requirements of the business at hand.
We also have some of the most secure document disposal facilities in the UK for clients that no longer wish to keep their physical records or documents.

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