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How Microform can help keep your data secure

Microform Branding - Illustration of locked, secure files.

At Microform, up to 80% of the work that enters through our doors happens to be both private and confidential, meaning that we adhere to the strictest possible measure of security.

Whether you’re a hospital looking for data archiving, or a law firm searching for cloud management services, we can help you keep your data and information as secure as possible.

Advanced security

No matter what you turn to Microform for, or whether you happen to be the largest client in our history or the smallest, we work hard to ensure that your property is safe and secure during the entire project.

Transport security

Even before work begins, we ensure that client materials and documents are in the safest environment as possible.

To ensure this, we provide our own marked security vans to transport materials and documents both to and from our premises.

What’s more, the vans are fully trackable, which means that clients can rest assured when their property is in transit.

Project and premises security

Our temperature-controlled studio features an area of over 10,000 feet, which is split into two dedicated disciplines.

The first contains shelving and storage and preparation facilities, while the second contains equipment and workspace used for digitisation and scanning processes.

Concerning security, we have state-of-the-art systems installed with select members of staff being located nearby at all times.

What’s more, the company is insured for Employers Liability Insurance of £10 million, Public/Product Liability Insurance of £2 million, and Professional Indemnity Liability of £1 million (this can be amended on request should it be required).

Document archiving security

Once a client has had their documents scanned and digitised, sometimes it is the case that they will want them destroyed using our secure document destruction services.

In the majority of cases, however, clients tend to choose to retain their scanned documents in offsite storage facilities.

Microform has an ongoing business relationship with Deepstore, a professional document storage and retrieval facility, and the vast majority of clients choose to have their documents safely stored either in the company’s above-ground storage units in London, or in underground storage in Cheshire.

Digital security

Of course, once a client has their documents scanned and digitised, it is integral that they too are offered the most advanced forms of security, which is why we offer our clients bespoke and fully tailored cloud and document management systems.

Forever protected throughout the secure ISO27001 accreditation, we offer each and every one of our clients security measures that are designed for their specific needs and requirements.

Get in touch

You can find a full list of our accreditations, but if you want to know more about the security measures that we offer, check out or contact page or call us on 0330 053 6300.