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How offsite document storage can save your company thousands

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For many businesses, the paperless office is still a dream, but using Microform's document digitisation process can significantly reduce the number of paper documents you have to store, saving you thousands in the process.

Scanning documents allows them to be stored on disk, which can either remove the need to keep the physical copy, or allow it to be placed into a long-term archive rather than keeping it close at hand.

Microform's partnership with DeepStore caters for either outcome once document scanning is complete - we can securely destroy the document and recycle the shredded paper, or hand it over to DeepStore for secure long-term archiving.

The latter option means that if you need to retrieve the physical copy at some point in the future, for example, due to regulatory, compliance or legal reasons, you can request it back from DeepStore with quick and easy retrieval.

Both options remove the need for you to keep the original physical document on your premises once the document digitisation process is complete, as you will have an electronically scanned version on disk should you need to refer to it.

That means far fewer box files to store inexpensive Grade A-B offices, but also the added benefits that come from scanning documents, such as searchable OCR text and high-resolution scanned images.

Why choose DeepStore for offsite document storage?

Document scanning is often a precursor to destroying the originals, and this is especially the case with files that don't need to be retrieved in their original form in future.

That might be because they are internal archives held only for reference purposes, or because the original is in a delicate condition and needs preserving in digital form, or simply because it is acceptable to print a new copy from the digital file instead.

However, in regulated sectors and where documents have intrinsic historic or sentimental value, you might want or even need to keep the physical original in a safe place for the indefinite future.

This is where DeepStore comes in. DeepStore's unique location provides a range of benefits for long-term document archival storage:

  • Secure offsite document and media storage facilities.

  • Rapid retrieval of original documents on request.

  • On-site inspection rooms to read and examine documents.

  • Sub-zero cold storage of delicate documents.

  • PD5454 compliant storage facilities (previously BS 5454).

When you choose Microform for document scanning, you gain access to all of these facilities for the files, photos and other artefacts that need a long-term archival home.

For everything else, you benefit from our detailed document digitisation process and secure document disposal service, so that you don't need to worry about where to store the paper originals anymore.

How does offsite document storage save money?

Document disposal removes the need for document storage completely - other than in digital form on a hard drive or cloud storage platform.

Even if you choose to archive the originals at DeepStore though, you can still save considerably in several ways:

  • Pay for storage in purpose-built premises instead of Grade A office space.

  • Underground storage is naturally secure and climate controlled.

  • Avoid costs arising from flood, vermin damage and UV fading.

By archiving your documents in a professional offsite facility, you may even improve your compliance and retrievability - helping you to avoid fines from regulators.

To find out more about Microform's partnership with DeepStore, or to enquire about our document digitisation process, please get in touch today.

Just visit our contact page for all the different methods by which you can send us your questions, and we will be happy to provide you with the answers.