Interactive Displays

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Interactive Displays

Introducing MagicBox®…

The MagicBox® is a state-of-the-art display cabinet that combines the best aspects of physical and digital presentation, bringing previously static publications and objects to life through video or interactive 3D renderings. The MagicBox® therefore enhances exhibitions, not merely with additional information, but by turning them into memorable and engaging experiences.

How does it work?

The MagicBox® incorporates a special touch-screen into the front glass of the display case. Because the screen is transparent (magic!) it is possible to overlay digital images, videos, and 3D renderings on to exhibited objects while still maintaining their visibility. The box’s touch functionality also allows users to manipulate and interact with exhibited articles, adding a whole new dimension to the exhibition experience.

Who would benefit from using a MagicBox®?

The MagicBox® is a useful tool for museums, libraries, and private companies that want to display their archives and collections in the most innovative and entertaining way possible. Several institutions already use the MagicBox®, including the University of Florida, National Library of Vietnam, Leica Camera, Leuven University, Gold Coast Libraries, Guinness, Lancaster University, Irish Distillers, Slovak National Library, University of Belgrade, and Cleveland Public Library.


The MagicBox® incorporates MagicTouch — a pioneering content management system that gives users the ability to produce spectacular multimedia presentations. MagicTouch is not a one trick pony; it can be used on all touch screens, allowing in-house staff to edit exhibitions and digital signage installations. MagicTouch lets users browse images and publications, navigate maps, watch videos and interact with 3D renderings.

MagicTouch Kiosk

MagicTouch Kiosk is a full HD multi-touch display with an all-glass surface and stereo sound. The display is available in 32” and 42”, while the aluminium podium comes in various colours. MagicTouch Kiosk is a cost-efficient solution for museums and showrooms looking to enter the multimedia age.

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